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Have you ever wondered what types of foundation to use to achieve that “baby soft, smooth” finish? As always, the first step in accomplishing this look would be to seek professional skin care routinely, and to keep in mind that professional skin care can be affordable. Besides general skin care, other factors are the tools that you use (i.e. brush, sponges). Knowing what types of foundation is best for your skin type, and the finish you are seeking i.e. matte, natural matte, satin, or dewy. Let’s begin discussing foundations for skin types:

Oily skin:
For oily skin, the foundation most recommended is a water-based foundation (meaning water is the main ingredient). This skin type should stay away from oil-based foundation. When researching products be aware that some products that are labeled oil-free simply means free of mineral oil, but may contain some content of oil that binds the properties. (We will discuss ingredients in greater detail in the future). Another recommendation for oily acne prone skin is to use a silicone based primer before application. Silicone helps the foundation to go on smoothly. All skin types can use a silicone base primer. Water-based creams or alcohol-based liquids can be used under the foundation. If medicated gels are applied they need to be allowed to dry before the foundation is used. Liquids, powders, and aerosol foundations are suited for this skin type. For skin with many comedones (blackheads), sheer foundations are best.

Dry skin:
Oil-based products are recommended for dry skin. Oil-based and some water based foundations with a moderate degree of oil will give you the best chance of retaining moisture in your skin. The oil will give a semi-matte finish, and will be easier to apply. Cream sticks are suited for this skin type.

Sensitive: Sensitive skin types should use lightweight foundations that are hypoallergenic and non-comedegenic.
If you have combination skin (like dry skin with oily T-zone) then you need a makeup that has moisturizers in it but is also oil-free and provides shine control for your oily spots. There are many makeup choices for combination skin. This skin type should concentrate on picking products that best suit whichever problem is worse — oiliness or dryness.

Scarred skin:
Cake foundations are recommended, as well as a silicon base.

Mature skin:
Mature skin with concerns of fine lines & wrinkles should use a firming foundation. Mature skin, as well as dry skin, should refrain from using mineral-based foundations due to their settling into the lines and causing the finish to look blotchy.

Tips: # 1 It is very important to know your skin’s undertone coloring. Are you warm, cool, or neutral? Warm tones are yellow, orange, or red orange. Cool tones are blue, blue green (olive), or blue red (pink). Neutral tones have equal amounts of warm & cool colorings. Some professionals also view the undertones in ranges such as: very light, porcelain or white, ivory, cream, pink florid, sallow, olive, tan, brown and ebony. Foundations should be matched to your natural skin under tone and should appear as if you have nothing on. Keep in mind that the purpose of a foundation is to even out the skin tone, minimize imperfections, and give the skin a smooth, healthy glow. During the course of a year, it is recommended that you use one of two foundations. One shade for summer and another for winter. Skin tones tend to lighten during the winter months and become darker during the summer months.
#2 Before applying foundation be sure to always apply a moisturizer first, then your primer. A primer is not to replace your moisturizer. The reason behind the moisturizer is that if your skin is thirsty for moisture when applying foundation the skin will absorb the foundation thinking it is hydrating; leaving an uneven coverage. For women who want coverage that is the same consistency as a tinted moisturizer, but delivers more coverage, a great way to achieve this is to add a little of your liquid foundation along with your daily moisturizer.

#3 SPF- Sunscreen is important and can’t be stressed enough. The number one cause of aging and damage to the skin is sun exposure! Sun protection is the most important skin care product you can use everyday. The first and most important defense against wrinkles is the daily use of sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher. It can be in your foundation or moisturizer and it will help to prevent new wrinkles from developing and existing ones from getting deeper.

#4 When applying foundation be sure to apply foundation a little below the jawline. Also, if taking photos be sure to touch up the ears.


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